Meditation on public transit – and no one will even notice

Public transit is an interesting thing. It’s the one time during the day when we all just accept the fact that we have no control over our personal space, range of motion, who we are close to, or how long we are confined to those conditions. And somehow the system works.

In a world where we are provided with so much choice over what we do and how we do it (whatever your need, there’s an app for it), it’s almost comforting to have these basic controls taken away. It provides a fixed amount of time to sit back, relax, and…meditate. Yes, meditate. Ok, so you could opt to spend this time catching up on the latest news feeds on your iPhone, or take a sneak peek at your work inbox, which you are about to (unwillingly) face in about 20 mins anyway. Instead of tainting this time with the same frantic energy that already takes up most of my day, I choose to relish in the opportunity of having 20 uninterrupted minutes to myself.

Yes, you may be in uncomfortably close quarters, holding on to the too-high hand railing above you, occasionally bumping into your train neighbor during stops. And perhaps there is a funny aroma of which you can’t quite locate the origin. But all the better conditions for practicing finding your inner peace!

One of my favorite meditations to do on the train is imagining my energetic boundary, only 4 inches or so above my skin, completely incasing me. And from my solar plexus a clean white light burns brightly, filling my entire etheric body up to the boundary, cleansing me of negative energy and filling me with grace. I thank Lisa Rafel for introducing me to this beautiful meditation, and at this point the practice has become a pavlovian response each time I step onto the MUNI en route to work. It is undeniable that following this practice puts me in a calmer, more focused state of mind, and that the day simply flows more easily.

Aside from the obvious mental health benefit, the great thing about meditation is that it is completely undisruptive, and even unnoticeable. While it may help to have eyes closed when first learning this practice, I find it not necessary, and sometimes having eyes open makes for a more powerful experience. Imagine how much more pleasurable the train ride would be if everyone tuned into this higher frequency, instead of the frequency of their phones!


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