Only empty cups can be filled

After identifying with my long hair for many years, this spring I felt the itch to chop it off. Somehow, I felt as though it was holding me back. While I had grown tremendously over the last year (nevermind the last 10), my long locks held in them fresh memories of being a young girl, my days in college, and of the early boyfriends who loved stroking them. I had outgrown my long hair like a kid outgrows a pair of pants. I was ready for a new look to fit the current me. 

We all need to purge energy from our lives (and bodies), since it is only through the purging of the old that there is room for the new. This is part of managing our energy cycle. Exercising, fasting, conscious breathing, discarding old clothes, and even disengaging from non-serving relationships, are ways to dispose of stagnant energy.  Acupuncture and hands-on energy work are others, as are journalling and creative work – basically, anything that mentally or physically purifies us. While sometimes the purification process is not pleasant (such as breaking off a social tie), in general energy cleansers make you feel vibrant, healthy and renewed. Chose something that does this for you, and commit to it regularly!

Where does this accumulated energy come from? We are constantly being affected by our environment, whether we realize it or not; from the noise on the street, to the stress at the office, to a crowded bar at happy hour, to a stranger’s smile, outside energy is constantly bombarding our systems (some good and some not so good). So, it is important to engage in activities that balance our systems by releasing the energy that no longer serves us.  Just as an overflowing cup can hold no new water, neither can a cluttered mind have clear thoughts, or a tense body react with agility to what confronts it.

As the scissors seared through my two pigtails, I was a bit scared, as we all tend to be when parting with something familiar. But I was also excited, and looking forward to what new things this lack of hair would bring. A lightness, a new feeling when touching my head, a fresh look and new style options. New reactions on friend’s faces when they saw me. A new perception to the people I would soon meet. What I didn’t anticipate was the great feeling of liberation that accompanied the physical lightness. Liberation from old, stagnant energy. I was myself again.