The science behind ocean love

Ocean sounds create pink noise which breaks up vibrational patterns. For example, if you are holding a stressful thought that is taking over your system, pink noise will literally break it up. This is why it’s hard to hold a thought when listening to pink or white noise. (Pink noise is white noise with more bass frequencies.) Have you ever found yourself mentally checking-out while drying your hair? The hair-dryer sound includes white noise.


Image(China Beach, San Francisco)

Unlike standard sounds, pink noise is made up of fragments of sine waves instead of complete waves. The brain tries to piece together the frequencies into a complete wave, and this effort drowns out any other vibrational patterns that try to occupy it (such as thoughts, other sounds, etc.). Since the sound of crashing waves is not constant, we can still put two thoughts together when are at the beach. But with each incoming wave, the ocean is rinsing your brain and literally cleansing stagnant, vibrational patterns away. This allows space for creative thinking, and leaves us feeling renewed. The therapeutic sound, combined with the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and soft sand beneath bare feet, makes for the perfect sensory experience.

DSC_0741(My childhood front lawn)

I’ve loved the ocean way before I understood the vibrational science behind why. Living on Cape Cod, the ocean was my playground and front yard. Since then, it’s been a necessity for me to live within 10 mins from the beach.

From Fort Lauderdale…


IMG_0122 - Version 2(J.D. MacArthur beach, North Palm Beach)

to San Francisco:



20130119_172443(Ocean Beach, San Francisco)

I’ve cherished my beach time to relax and rejuvenate. Even during the rare times I take a vacation, I usually plan around a beach destination.

DSC_0036(Sayulita, Mexico)

What I love most about the beach is the inner child it awakens. With all the mental clutter cleared away, all that is left is joy and liberation. Watching children on the beach is one of my favorite things. Screaming, laughing, running; they reflect the essence of joy.

IMG_0840(My nephews playing on the same beach I grew up on.)

It’s hard to not be happy when at the beach. What’s there not to love?

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