What well? Our internal well. That reservoir of energy that fuels us, inspires us to action, and helps us make choices. It dictates our attitude, how we relate to others, and ultimately, our quality of life. Like food, it must be sustained through replenishment – a healthy diet of positive thoughts, self-awareness, respect for one’s needs, and exposure to all things that excite and inspire us.

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from digestion problems. Unsuccessful visits to standard western medicine doctors led me to an acupuncturist, who revealed more about the origins of my stomach issues in our first hour together than I had uncovered in all ten years of prior doctor visits. Through destructive thought patterns and pent-up emotions, I had been abusing my body and wrecking havoc in my gut.  In short, my well was empty. It was then that I began awakening to the fact that emotions and state of mind are determinants to our overall health. I’ve continued waking up ever since.

Learning what truly feeds your soul can be daunting, and for me it continues to be a practice. Honoring those learnings can be even harder. But I believe that this journey in self-knowing, and ultimately self-care, is the most valuable one we can embark upon in this life.

On this blog I share nuggets of my exploration toward watering my well. May they inspire you to water your own.

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Adriana is a vibrational therapist, musician, and photographer.  She serves as Community Manager for Google Developer Groups and core team member of Google’s employee mindfulness program, gPause.  

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