Once fortified, now my playground

Old, worn things are much more interesting than new things. They carry with them the stories and energy of the people who had come in contact with them in all the years past, providing so much to be absorbed in and affected by.  And they remind us that nothing is permanent – everything is constantly changing and evolving.

Aside from Sutro Baths, other likely spots for ruins in San Francisco (other than the obvious Alcatraz) are the Presidio and Angel Island. Both places were historically military-run. They now have become my playground for pictures.

And a beautiful playground the Presidio is. This old bunker is perched on a cliff alongside the Golden Gate Bridge, overlooking San Francisco bay. Waves crash loudly below, and with the nearly ever present fog, the wind is cold, damp and cleansing. It seems an unlikely place to be associated with warfare. But the remaining rubble makes for some fun pictures.

Like the Presidio, Angel Island has its own unique history with the military. These are shots from what was once a hospital for POWs.  Now, not so sanitary.